Month: August 2014

Express Gifts by Clickits – Album Review

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Many record labels have hit the market since past decades. While some records effectively survived and flourished in the competition, some labels gone away without any traces. There are some labels that got deviated from their initial identity to sustain the market. In this scenario, Moteer label has garnered not only the attention of people, but also the respect due to their releases. As of now, Moteer label has released many albums since 2003. All the albums and their songs have a unique aura that can be experienced through listening. It is quite hard to talk or review all of their albums and songs in a single post. You can simply read the post further to read the review about Express Gifts album.

Express Gifts album by the artiste Clickits was released in the year 2005. This album has totally ten tracks that include Aramaic, Wheneveryouready, Lilophone, Natural Theatre, Then Dof, In My Field Of View, Lament For the North, Brttle, For Sure, I’ll Be Buried At Sea and Was Until Today. There are so many specialties that make this album a splendid one. Some of the highlights to mention here are a melancholic mood, faraway strings and guitar melodies. The album comes under the electronic genre, and their styles can be categorized under IDM and Leftfield. Another highlighting feature of this album is that they are recorded using hi-fi speakers and designed to offer a contemporary listening experience. The authors most favourite tracks of this album are Aramaic, a lament for the north and In my field of view.

This album is great for anyone, who wants to listen to some blissful music. However, it does not mean that this track is not good to listen for those who enjoy rock music or other genre of music. This album has the power to take anyone to the state of bliss and trance.
You can also check for other albums by Clickits and by Moteer record label. You can browse the Internet to find the other labels. There are so many online music archives and logs, where you could find the tracks of Moteer record label. Make sure to listen to genuine copy and avoid using the pirated ones.