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Top 5 Albums of Moteer Label

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Out of so many record labels, Moteer has got a distinct place in the music market and the heart of music lover. Started in early 2000’s, the label has released so many wonderful albums from different artists. In this post, you will find the top 5 albums released by Moteer. Well, this list is not an ultimate list and just the opinion of the blog owner and the list may vary with the different person. Now let us look into the top 5.

Clickits album, touted as Moteer label’s first release, was really astounding till now. Released in the year 2003, this album became so popular quickly. This album has 7 tracks and all of them an absolute bliss to hear. The songs are set in a playful mood, and yet they are melancholy that takes you to a new level. One must never miss to listen to the abstract theme and down tempo in these tracks.
Tomorrow Time album could be a surprise for many people. This album did not fare well when it was released then as people started criticising the titles that looked so odd at that time. While many reviewers simply focused on the titles, they missed observing the brilliance of the songs. It is no denial that titles were odd, but this does not cover the fact that songs are really brilliant. Of late, many people are praising this album and this album has been selling decently well in recent years. If you haven’t heard this album, then don’t miss it now.

Lady Grey by Minimum Chips was released in the year 2006, and it is considered one of the good albums of the year. This album comes under the genre of rock and electronic. This album includes songs of different styles namely post-rock, downtempo, Indie rock and acoustic. There are totally 12 tracks on this album, and they are absolutely a delight to hear.
The other two albums in the top 5 include Express Gifts by Clickits and Palestine by Tokyo Blood warm. Hope, you would have enjoyed the list.

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