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Album Review of “We Made It For You”

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Music lovers in the UK are really lucky as they have a chance to enjoy different genres of music rather than enjoying just some stereotypical music. You can easily find many genres of music CDs being sold at music shops. Among the music labels, Moteer is quite popular. There are many albums released by this label. Some of the notable albums are “Songs by the Sea”, “We Made it for You”, “Micro”, “The Scientific Contrast”, etc. In this post, we are going to review the album – We Made It for You. The album was released in 2005 and still remains fresh and popular among many music lovers. If you haven’t heard about this album before, you can take some time to read this review.Produced by the popular band – The Boats, this album created a lot of expectation prior to the release. That’s because the band’s earlier album was a big hit, which earned a lot of fans. “We made it for you” is an album that is a pure delight to hear right from the start to finish. No wonder why the album became one of the best in 2005. Most of the songs are features an old piano sound and dash of electronic sounds.

There are totally 14 tracks and each track is done with diligent dedication. The most enticing tracks on the album are “Darren” and Sarah Alice”. Though this album does not have vocal focus, the tracks never fail to evoke the special feelings. Though all the tracks have piano music in the centre and some repetitive music, the tracks are set in different themes and comes in different flavours, thus making the whole album great to listen.

Unlike the band’s earlier album, you do not find lengthy tracks that last more than 6 minutes. Most tracks have a length of less than three minutes while on track lasts around 5 minutes. Though years many years have passed since the release, the album sounds new and fresh. “We made it for you” is certainly one of the albums that can be popular for many years to come.

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