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Songs By The Sea – Album Review

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This is the age of electronics, and there is no wonder why electronic music has become one of the mainstream music in this world. Electronic music are called so because this music are usually generated using electronic music instruments rather than conventional acoustic instruments. The electronic music instruments generate sound using the electronic chips and do not rely on manual means. Initially, electronic music were partially used in the songs. Over the time, many songs and music composed only using the electronic music instruments, resulting in a new genre called electronic music. There are many electronic music albums getting released in UK.

“The Songs by the Sea” is one of the popular albums in UK, released by Moteer record label. This is album belongs to the genre of electronic music. Though this album was released 2004, reviewing this album is quite a pleasant experience. While most electronic music albums are filled with loud sounds, the tracks of “The Songs By The Sea” is gently, soothing and relaxing. This album has totally 10 tracks namely, Lessley, It’s not your faults, And there are stars that fell from the sky, You run circles around me, All thumbs and thumbs, A volume of typefaces, Names on a Map, I Only missed by one word, I ignore all my friends and Kind regards. The style of the music is abstract, downtempo and IDM. All the tracks evoke a special feelings and kind of mysticism. If you listen to the music alone is quite a place, it can take to the state of trance. The layers of sounds are clearSongs by the Sea album is must-to-buy for people, who love pleasant and mystical music. And this may not be so suitable for those who want some loud, jumping music. No matter what sort music you love, this album could be enjoyable at some point of time. This album was so popular when it was released, and this still does not seem to be outdated. This album would surely stand the test of times. You could find the tracks on the Internet.

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