Month: January 2015

The Boats – A Simple Review

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When speaking about the bands or album under Moteer label, we cannot simply avoid thinking about The Boats. If you haven’t heard about The Boats or eager to know the same, you can continue to read this small post.The Boats band comprises of two key members – Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves, who are also called as Remote Viewer and Beppu respectively. Craig is an archivist and Andrew is a specialist in Tape Loop Orchestra. They both met during at an outdoor art even and eventually became a great friend during their first meeting. Very soon, this pair came to know that they were working for the same employers, which also strengthened their friendship. During the dinner breaks, the duo used to compose and record songs about the sea. Soon, when the boss was away, Elaine Reynolds joined this pair to take care of vocal demands. All the songs that they recorded initially were released under Moteer labels with the album named as “Songs by the Sea”. The album became a significant hit as most people started liking the album, and many people went so crazy.

The band’s second album is “We Made It For You” released by the Moteer record label. The story behind the creation of this album is quite interesting. One day, after a hard work, Craig saw two men trying to dump a Piano. On seeing this Craig, immediately told to the two men to stop that. Then Craig and Andrew revived the piano and started working on a Piano based album, which is nothing but “We Made It For You”. Released on 2005, this album received great reviews from the audiences and critics. This album was the highest selling album then.

The Boat’s third album is “”Tomorrow Time” under the record label Moteer. This album was a pop one. In this album, Chris Stewart was used for vocal. Craig and Andrew noticed the vocal prowess of Chris when was casually singing in the nearby room. Though the creators were happy with the music, the reviewers were talking and criticizing the title, which affected the popularity of the album.