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How Drones Are Being Used to Produce Great Music Videos

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drone-music-videoWith the genius idea of mounting cameras on drones, more and more cinematographers are taking advantage of their newfound bird’s eye view. But for some drone videographers, simply having aerial footage doesn’t quite cut it. Check out two music videos that pushed the drone-filming envelope.

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Booka Shade – Crossing Borders

Shot by Octofilms, drone cinematography specialists, the music video for Booka Shade’s Crossing Borders offers dizzying, panoramic, 360-degree shots that will confuse your eyeballs and blow your mind. This drone footage is like none that you have ever seen. When shooting, Octofilms mounted eight GoPros on one drone. The result is some serious psychedelic imagery that goes hand-in-hand with the German house duo’s sound.

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

Known for their epic music videos with long single takes coupled with dope choreography, OK Go’s unique aesthetic is a formula for viral success. With the release of the video for their single, I Won’t Let You Down, OK Go has brought music video cinematography to a whole new level.

The four-piece band hailing from Chicago ride Honda unicycles amongst hundreds of dancers who carry out difficult choreography wielding colorful umbrellas. All this, caught in one long single shot using a drone by masterful director, Morihiro Harano.

What makes the use of a drone different in this video, is that it’s not capturing the usual sweeping bird’s eye views of scenic vistas, landmarks, or traffic, be it vehicles or animals. This video takes advantage of the aerial angle, where the subjects and their movement directly interact with the drone. This “dance” between camera and actors make for a spectacular film of visually orgasmic proportions.

Booka Shade’s Crossing Borders and OK Go’s I Won’t Let You Down are pioneers of new drone-filming techniques. With all the creative minds in the world, who knows what drone magic they will come up with next?

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