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How Much Preparation Goes into a Music Festival?

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How Much Preparation Goes into a Music FestivalMost people have experienced the thrill and adrenaline rush associated with attending a music festival. But have you ever wondered how much preparation goes into the festival? Organisers have to plan everything down to the tiniest detail in order for the festival to run smoothly. This article will look at how much preparation goes into a music festival.

If like many people you are planning to attend a music festival this summer, then you may be interested in considering all the planning and preparation which will go into the event.

Cutting the grass

Music festivals are often laid out over a large area of land as they include not only the festival ground it’s self but also a large camp ground and a car parking space. The whole area will need to be mowed before the event. This is usually done on a sit down mower (like the ones featured at BestMower.Reviews) which can be easily driven around the site. Smaller mowers many also need to be used in order to get to harder to reach areas. This job would usually be taken on by a local gardening contractor who the event organisers employ. If the festival is an annual event the same person or team, many be used on a regular basis.

Setting up stages

A team of contractors will then move in to set up the festival site. They will construct staging, put up marquees and market stalls. Setting up the stage is a more complicated job then it at first appears, the lighting and sound need to be just right in order to add to the festival atmosphere.

Porter loos will also be installed. Fencing will need to be built around the festival site and this may need to be painted or decorated in some way. Signs will also be put up to tell festival goers where everything is.

Marking out camp sites

Camping spaces will need to be marked out. This is often done with paint which can be used to mark the grass or alternatively different areas can be marked out with rope.

Whilst all these tasks are being carried out health and safety procedures will need to be followed in order to make sure that no one gets hurt. During the festival a whole team of workers will need to be employed in order to make sure the festival runs smoothly. These include stewards; to tell people where to go, check tickets or hand out wrist bands. People are also needed to direct traffic and pick up litter. All employees will need to be briefed in health and safety and given adequate training before the festival starts. Many of these positions will be given to young people who are working in exchange for their festival pass.

In answer to the question ‘How much preparation goes into a music festival?’ the short answer is a lot. There is a large amount of work which goes into making any event a success. All those employed need to do their job in the given time scale and stick to budget. They will need to be over seen by an event’s organiser who has everything scheduled at the correct time.

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