A Day in the Life of an Apsiring Band Member

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band-activitiesCurtis fumbles with the screeching alarm clock, waving his hand about as he tries to silence the machine while unsuccessfully opening his bleary eyes. It’s noon. The stale taste of last night’s whiskeys and endless cigarettes lingered on his tongue. Groaning, Curtis stretches to reach for his pack, lighting and inhaling his morning cigarette to erase the staleness that lived in his mouth. Band practice is in less than an hour.

Curtis rolls out of bed and heads to his bathroom. Morning business, done. Brush teeth, done. Splash water on face, done. After a quick change of clothes, he’s on his way out the door. Walking a couple blocks from his apartment, Curtis stops at a mini-mart for his usual: coffee and doughnut. Another few more blocks, and he finishes his breakfast of champions before taking a bus to the garage where his band practices.

The practice begins with the usual chit chat and tomfoolery. The obvious place to start was where they had last left off. Sometimes, when no one can think of the right words, or the melody is off, it’s best to leave it for a day or two, then come back to it. With that in mind, Curtis and his bandmates played the song from the beginning until the unsweet spot where they were stuck last practice. Ideas were thrown out, built on, and debated. This particular song was played over and over again. And so it goes.

Hunger rolls in and the band breaks for sandwiches, chips, beers, and, of course, cigarettes. Satiated and feeling refreshed, Curtis and his fellow musicians takes another stab at perfecting the song that eluded their grasp. After a few more hours, when the band has come to another standstill, they call it quits.

With some time left before the night festivities began, Curtis and his friends decide to hit the gym for a couple hours. Strength and endurance are key to a good performance, and so exercise is necessary for any band aspiring for greatness. After a short warmup, the musicians went through several rounds of circuit training before linking up with a group of strangers for a game of basketball. Curtis being a bit of a fitness fanatic had some extra energy to use on the rowing machine, reviews show they are one of the best pieces of fitness equipment. Sweaty and spent, the guys go home to shower and dress to impress.

At 9pm, Curtis meets up with another group of friends at a venue where up-and-coming indie musicians perform. On some nights, he gets some musical inspiration. On others, he gets to know a new female more intimately. On lucky nights, he gets both. On this night in particular, Curtis only finds that maybe he might be into Americana Roots, a genre he had not previously considered.

The afterparty moves to a dive bar, and the night begins to fade in and out of Curtis’s consciousness. Before things become a complete blackout, he catches a ride from his friend. Back home, he stumbles onto his bed and passes into a deep, snore-full, sleep.

And so it goes.

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