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Tips for Preparing for an Audition

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Auditioning for a role is not easy. You have to go through a lot before you are accepted to do the part. Even big stars have to do auditions. This is where everything starts. If you can’t convince anyone during the audition, your journey ends there. It is like applying for a job. If you didn’t do well, you don’t stand a chance.

The worst part is that some auditions have several rounds. Judges have to be sure about their decision. They might call you back to perform again. This could be emotionally and physically draining. In as much as you want to get it over and done with, you can’t. You will undergo a really difficult process especially if there is something big at stake.

This is true, especially for stage plays. There are different roles available and only the best of the best will be cast. There are not enough roles for everyone to play. Aside from the musical aspect, the looks will also be considered. There are those who have great voices but are deemed inappropriate for the role in terms of physical appearance. They should have been given the part, but it didn’t end up the way it was supposed to.

There are also those who became somewhat lucky. They failed to get the lead role, but they were cast for other roles. For artists who want to make a name in the industry, being cast alone is already a big deal. If you are auditioning, here are some tips you need to bear in mind.

1. Practice ahead of time.

It is like preparing for the exam. You don’t just study the lessons a day before the exam. You have to practice in advance. Make sure your voice is in great shape. Not all great singers were born. Some trained over time and with the right training, they became prepared to take on the role.

2. Sleep well and eat healthily.

Voice is always affected by what we eat and how much time we spend sleeping. This is why it is very important that you sleep on time before the auditions. You have to adjust your body clock.

3. Look great.

Whether you like it or not, physical appearance matters. There are a lot of great singers who didn’t prepare well in terms of what they wear. As a result, they ended up not getting the part. They would have been a perfect fit for the role, but they ended up getting rejected. It is such a sad story, but it happened to several singers in the past.

4. Prepare a variety of songs.

There are auditions where you may be required to sing songs from the list given. Others give just one song for you to master and present during the audition. It doesn’t mean though you can’t prepare other songs. It helps that you have backup songs in mind. You might be asked to sing a different song if the judges couldn’t make a decision just yet. If you are auditioning for a play, make sure you know other songs from the play. You may also check the best audition songs for altos if you have this tone.

5. Calm your nerves.

When you are nervous and your entire body is shaking, this could really affect your performance. No matter how gifted you are, it won’t matter as soon as your nerves get the best of you. Find a way to relax. Some people think of their happy place when they are nervous. Others look forward to positive results. It is ultimately up to you to determine what to do in order to prevent yourself from shaking, including your voice.

Once you are done preparing, just forget about the audition and do your best when it is your time to perform. Avoid overthinking as it could negatively affect your performance. The moment you stand in front of the judges, give everything that you have. Stop thinking about the song and just feel the moment. Most of all, don’t forget to say thank you regardless of the results. Attitude always matters.

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Top 5 Ways to Increase your Musical Creativity

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Top 5 Ways to Increase your Musical CreativityFinding ways to improve your musical creativity is necessary for improving as a musician. If you always practice the same way you will always get the same results. As musicians we need to find ways to make sure that we are constantly challenging ourselves so that we do not become stuck in a rut. Think of it as creative conditioning. Creative conditioning will ensure that we are practicing and playing to our abilities. Here are 5 ways to increase your musical creativity

1. Learn a new instrument.

Learning a new instrument is a great way to improve your abilities on the instrument you already play! Reading the music, hearing the notes, producing them yourself, and creating sound, on new instruments fosters a relationship with music in general, and not just on one instrument. Many musicians play one instrument in particular, but can still make music on the one you want to play. Singing too. IF you’re a singer, learn to play something. If you’re not a great singer, learn how to carry a tune and find and hold notes. The more you dabble in music the more it will all gel together for you, particular with the instrument you are passionate about.

2. Jam with musicians who’s style is different than your own.

If you only play what you know and like to play you will never learn other styles of music. If you’re in a heavy metal band listen and play jazz music, country music, reggae. Even if you prefer jazz music take your saxophone to the garage band party next door sometime. It’s a beautiful combination. Play with instruments you don’t usually accompany. Ask around, most musicians love to play with, teach, and jam with other musicians. Everybody’s talents are developed. Don’t you want to say yes when another band asks you fill with them at a show? Don’t limit yourself to a certain style of music. The music scene is vast and varied and you have the opportunity to play with everyone!

3. Create a musical space.

Have a space in your home that is devoted playing, practicing, and writing. It can be distracting to play when there are dirty dishes piled up beside you. Create a space that is comfortable, musical, and inspirational to you. Get creative and put your head in a space that makes you feel musical. Plants, posters, vintage records, bright colors, and room to play all create good energy. Make sure it is a space where your instruments are stored safely and taken care of. Create a musical space that respects your music.

4. Develop a skill that is unrelated to music.

Do you enjoy jogging, painting, writing? Anything else that interests you you should also do on a regular basis. Hobbies and skills are good for challenging our minds So even though taking up gardening might seem completely unrelated to playing music, anything that we enjoy learning increases our mental ability overall and will influence your music playing ability.

5. Take care of yourself.

Self care is necessary for self improvement. Eating well, exercising, and sleeping right are all obvious methods to perverse one’s health, but musicians need to do more. While practicing or performing a musician uses their body and lung capacity to the same extent athletes do. Taking care of one’s body is really important. Breathing techniques, yoga and meditation, stretching are all good habits to get into for a musician to keep their body and lungs in healthy form for playing. Massage is perfect for increasing circulation, particularly in a musician who has been holding the same pose for hours a day. Besides, any one of the top 10 massage chairs in today’s market are comfortable enough to serve as your “thinking chair”. There are acupuncture techniques that improve memory and focusing. Musicians should not underestimate the importance of being healthy and their ability to play music.

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How Much Preparation Goes into a Music Festival?

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How Much Preparation Goes into a Music FestivalMost people have experienced the thrill and adrenaline rush associated with attending a music festival. But have you ever wondered how much preparation goes into the festival? Organisers have to plan everything down to the tiniest detail in order for the festival to run smoothly. This article will look at how much preparation goes into a music festival.

If like many people you are planning to attend a music festival this summer, then you may be interested in considering all the planning and preparation which will go into the event.

Cutting the grass

Music festivals are often laid out over a large area of land as they include not only the festival ground it’s self but also a large camp ground and a car parking space. The whole area will need to be mowed before the event. This is usually done on a sit down mower (like the ones featured at BestMower.Reviews) which can be easily driven around the site. Smaller mowers many also need to be used in order to get to harder to reach areas. This job would usually be taken on by a local gardening contractor who the event organisers employ. If the festival is an annual event the same person or team, many be used on a regular basis.

Setting up stages

A team of contractors will then move in to set up the festival site. They will construct staging, put up marquees and market stalls. Setting up the stage is a more complicated job then it at first appears, the lighting and sound need to be just right in order to add to the festival atmosphere.

Porter loos will also be installed. Fencing will need to be built around the festival site and this may need to be painted or decorated in some way. Signs will also be put up to tell festival goers where everything is.

Marking out camp sites

Camping spaces will need to be marked out. This is often done with paint which can be used to mark the grass or alternatively different areas can be marked out with rope.

Whilst all these tasks are being carried out health and safety procedures will need to be followed in order to make sure that no one gets hurt. During the festival a whole team of workers will need to be employed in order to make sure the festival runs smoothly. These include stewards; to tell people where to go, check tickets or hand out wrist bands. People are also needed to direct traffic and pick up litter. All employees will need to be briefed in health and safety and given adequate training before the festival starts. Many of these positions will be given to young people who are working in exchange for their festival pass.

In answer to the question ‘How much preparation goes into a music festival?’ the short answer is a lot. There is a large amount of work which goes into making any event a success. All those employed need to do their job in the given time scale and stick to budget. They will need to be over seen by an event’s organiser who has everything scheduled at the correct time.

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How Drones Are Being Used to Produce Great Music Videos

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drone-music-videoWith the genius idea of mounting cameras on drones, more and more cinematographers are taking advantage of their newfound bird’s eye view. But for some drone videographers, simply having aerial footage doesn’t quite cut it. Check out two music videos that pushed the drone-filming envelope.

Fancy yourself as videographer? Why not purchase your own drone or quadcopter, the best ones are able to shoot professional video for a reasonable price.

Booka Shade – Crossing Borders

Shot by Octofilms, drone cinematography specialists, the music video for Booka Shade’s Crossing Borders offers dizzying, panoramic, 360-degree shots that will confuse your eyeballs and blow your mind. This drone footage is like none that you have ever seen. When shooting, Octofilms mounted eight GoPros on one drone. The result is some serious psychedelic imagery that goes hand-in-hand with the German house duo’s sound.

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

Known for their epic music videos with long single takes coupled with dope choreography, OK Go’s unique aesthetic is a formula for viral success. With the release of the video for their single, I Won’t Let You Down, OK Go has brought music video cinematography to a whole new level.

The four-piece band hailing from Chicago ride Honda unicycles amongst hundreds of dancers who carry out difficult choreography wielding colorful umbrellas. All this, caught in one long single shot using a drone by masterful director, Morihiro Harano.

What makes the use of a drone different in this video, is that it’s not capturing the usual sweeping bird’s eye views of scenic vistas, landmarks, or traffic, be it vehicles or animals. This video takes advantage of the aerial angle, where the subjects and their movement directly interact with the drone. This “dance” between camera and actors make for a spectacular film of visually orgasmic proportions.

Booka Shade’s Crossing Borders and OK Go’s I Won’t Let You Down are pioneers of new drone-filming techniques. With all the creative minds in the world, who knows what drone magic they will come up with next?

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Coffee: The Secret Weapon of a Busy Band

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coffee-bandNo matter the genre of music – pop, reggae, hip hop, rock, electronic, country, and etc – touring bands have similar busy schedules that require them to be on their toes the moment they wake up in the morning to the moment their heads hit their pillow at night. One Direction, Stick Figure, Macklemore, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Metallica and Lady Antebellum – they all have to deal with interviews, press conferences, photo and video shoots, autograph signings, travel, sound checks, and of course, playing live music. With the added encumbrances of lack of sleep and jet lag, these band members are tired to the bone. Their secret to dealing with all of this? Coffee.

People have consumed coffee since the 10th century. The stimulating effects of coffee were evident in the early use of it in religious rituals, keeping believers alert during their nighttime prayers. Currently, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed by the world population each day. Most of them are brewed at home using their preferred coffee maker, you can pick yours too by reading reviews of the best brands at AllGreatCoffee.

Coffee is brewed from roasted coffee beans. It is a bit acidic and contains caffeine, which is a stimulant. Caffeine improves mental alertness by stimulating your central nervous system, heart, muscles, and blood pressure. The amount of caffeine in a typical cup of coffee is between 150 to 200 milligrams.

“Some men drink alcohol, some men drink juices from the vine, but as for me, I’m very simple, give me coffee every time.” – Coffee Coffee Coffee by Dave Dudley.

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Finding the latest tracks/releases of Moteer

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Music is one of the entertainments that helps keep people going. Right from small babies to teens to adult, enjoy music of different kinds. Music has been offering a great relaxation and serve as a great past time for many people. Music shows are happening all over the world, and huge number of people flock to the music shows. UK is known for having many music bands and record labels. People in UK have great music sense, and they enjoy a variety of music. There are many fans for the UK label – Moteer. There are plenty of tracks or songs in this label, and they are quite interesting to listen.

Many people spend a lot of their time and energy in search of Moteer label tracks on the streets. With the help of the Internet, you could find the Moteer tracks. You would be already aware of the fact that the Internet has made life very simple and easy. People buy groceries, gifts, and other items from the Internet. People have also been enjoying music and videos from the Internet. With the help of the Internet, you would be able to track the latest releases of Moteer and also find old tracks that are archived. Anybody can browse the internet and the mine their favorite songs – from old to new.

There are many online music blog websites that list the tracks by the label. You can visit such websites to find out all the tracks under the label Moteer. There, you can find different tracks by artist, title, format, catalogue and year. Searching the songs and tracks via the Internet is the easiest way. Subscribe to various music news websites that you can receive latest news and updates regarding the Moteer label.
If you want to stay updated about the latest music and tracks on Moteer, you have to stay connected to the Internet whenever possible.

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The Scientific Contrast – A Simple and Short Review

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There are so many kinds of music tracks released in UK and surrounding regions. You can find music genre such as folk, classical and contemporary music in this region. At present, in the age of electronics, electronic music has become very popular. There are so many bands that specialize in UK that specialize in electronic music. Not only among youths, electronic music are widely enjoyed by the adults too. Moteer is one of the bands known for creating electronic music. The Remote Viewer is the prominent member of this band. This band has released many titles. In this post, we are simply going to review about The Remote Viewer’s album – The Scientific Contrast. Just read the blog further and have a look at the review.

This album is released by the German producers – Bernd Hamblin and Kibbee Theodre. This album has twelve tracks totally and all the songs are simply electrifying to hear. While most of the electronic music albums simply re-uses the old loops, this album has all fresh new sounds, which make this album simply stand out from the crowd. The track – “Balmpe” can make you travel to your old school days and summer holidays. The music is not so harsh, and their soft tone lets your bone and muscles feel very relaxed. The success of Moteer in Clickits or The Boats has raised the expectation, and this new album would sure to meet the expectation of the fans. Additionally, this music will also be a great listening for anyone, who loves a kind of mysterious music.

This album is surely worth your money. You will enjoy most of the songs in the album. You could get this album CDs at any of the stores near your home. If you are unable to find, then you could get the tracks on the Internet. Almost all popular online music stores offer the album of sale.

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The Boats – A Simple Review

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When speaking about the bands or album under Moteer label, we cannot simply avoid thinking about The Boats. If you haven’t heard about The Boats or eager to know the same, you can continue to read this small post.The Boats band comprises of two key members – Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves, who are also called as Remote Viewer and Beppu respectively. Craig is an archivist and Andrew is a specialist in Tape Loop Orchestra. They both met during at an outdoor art even and eventually became a great friend during their first meeting. Very soon, this pair came to know that they were working for the same employers, which also strengthened their friendship. During the dinner breaks, the duo used to compose and record songs about the sea. Soon, when the boss was away, Elaine Reynolds joined this pair to take care of vocal demands. All the songs that they recorded initially were released under Moteer labels with the album named as “Songs by the Sea”. The album became a significant hit as most people started liking the album, and many people went so crazy.

The band’s second album is “We Made It For You” released by the Moteer record label. The story behind the creation of this album is quite interesting. One day, after a hard work, Craig saw two men trying to dump a Piano. On seeing this Craig, immediately told to the two men to stop that. Then Craig and Andrew revived the piano and started working on a Piano based album, which is nothing but “We Made It For You”. Released on 2005, this album received great reviews from the audiences and critics. This album was the highest selling album then.

The Boat’s third album is “”Tomorrow Time” under the record label Moteer. This album was a pop one. In this album, Chris Stewart was used for vocal. Craig and Andrew noticed the vocal prowess of Chris when was casually singing in the nearby room. Though the creators were happy with the music, the reviewers were talking and criticizing the title, which affected the popularity of the album.