The Scientific Contrast – A Simple and Short Review

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There are so many kinds of music tracks released in UK and surrounding regions. You can find music genre such as folk, classical and contemporary music in this region. At present, in the age of electronics, electronic music has become very popular. There are so many bands that specialize in UK that specialize in electronic music. Not only among youths, electronic music are widely enjoyed by the adults too. Moteer is one of the bands known for creating electronic music. The Remote Viewer is the prominent member of this band. This band has released many titles. In this post, we are simply going to review about The Remote Viewer’s album – The Scientific Contrast. Just read the blog further and have a look at the review.

This album is released by the German producers – Bernd Hamblin and Kibbee Theodre. This album has twelve tracks totally and all the songs are simply electrifying to hear. While most of the electronic music albums simply re-uses the old loops, this album has all fresh new sounds, which make this album simply stand out from the crowd. The track – “Balmpe” can make you travel to your old school days and summer holidays. The music is not so harsh, and their soft tone lets your bone and muscles feel very relaxed. The success of Moteer in Clickits or The Boats has raised the expectation, and this new album would sure to meet the expectation of the fans. Additionally, this music will also be a great listening for anyone, who loves a kind of mysterious music.

This album is surely worth your money. You will enjoy most of the songs in the album. You could get this album CDs at any of the stores near your home. If you are unable to find, then you could get the tracks on the Internet. Almost all popular online music stores offer the album of sale.

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The Boats – A Simple Review

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When speaking about the bands or album under Moteer label, we cannot simply avoid thinking about The Boats. If you haven’t heard about The Boats or eager to know the same, you can continue to read this small post.The Boats band comprises of two key members – Craig Tattersall and Andrew Hargreaves, who are also called as Remote Viewer and Beppu respectively. Craig is an archivist and Andrew is a specialist in Tape Loop Orchestra. They both met during at an outdoor art even and eventually became a great friend during their first meeting. Very soon, this pair came to know that they were working for the same employers, which also strengthened their friendship. During the dinner breaks, the duo used to compose and record songs about the sea. Soon, when the boss was away, Elaine Reynolds joined this pair to take care of vocal demands. All the songs that they recorded initially were released under Moteer labels with the album named as “Songs by the Sea”. The album became a significant hit as most people started liking the album, and many people went so crazy.

The band’s second album is “We Made It For You” released by the Moteer record label. The story behind the creation of this album is quite interesting. One day, after a hard work, Craig saw two men trying to dump a Piano. On seeing this Craig, immediately told to the two men to stop that. Then Craig and Andrew revived the piano and started working on a Piano based album, which is nothing but “We Made It For You”. Released on 2005, this album received great reviews from the audiences and critics. This album was the highest selling album then.

The Boat’s third album is “”Tomorrow Time” under the record label Moteer. This album was a pop one. In this album, Chris Stewart was used for vocal. Craig and Andrew noticed the vocal prowess of Chris when was casually singing in the nearby room. Though the creators were happy with the music, the reviewers were talking and criticizing the title, which affected the popularity of the album.

Songs By The Sea – Album Review

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This is the age of electronics, and there is no wonder why electronic music has become one of the mainstream music in this world. Electronic music are called so because this music are usually generated using electronic music instruments rather than conventional acoustic instruments. The electronic music instruments generate sound using the electronic chips and do not rely on manual means. Initially, electronic music were partially used in the songs. Over the time, many songs and music composed only using the electronic music instruments, resulting in a new genre called electronic music. There are many electronic music albums getting released in UK.

“The Songs by the Sea” is one of the popular albums in UK, released by Moteer record label. This is album belongs to the genre of electronic music. Though this album was released 2004, reviewing this album is quite a pleasant experience. While most electronic music albums are filled with loud sounds, the tracks of “The Songs By The Sea” is gently, soothing and relaxing. This album has totally 10 tracks namely, Lessley, It’s not your faults, And there are stars that fell from the sky, You run circles around me, All thumbs and thumbs, A volume of typefaces, Names on a Map, I Only missed by one word, I ignore all my friends and Kind regards. The style of the music is abstract, downtempo and IDM. All the tracks evoke a special feelings and kind of mysticism. If you listen to the music alone is quite a place, it can take to the state of trance. The layers of sounds are clearSongs by the Sea album is must-to-buy for people, who love pleasant and mystical music. And this may not be so suitable for those who want some loud, jumping music. No matter what sort music you love, this album could be enjoyable at some point of time. This album was so popular when it was released, and this still does not seem to be outdated. This album would surely stand the test of times. You could find the tracks on the Internet.

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Album Review of “We Made It For You”

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Music lovers in the UK are really lucky as they have a chance to enjoy different genres of music rather than enjoying just some stereotypical music. You can easily find many genres of music CDs being sold at music shops. Among the music labels, Moteer is quite popular. There are many albums released by this label. Some of the notable albums are “Songs by the Sea”, “We Made it for You”, “Micro”, “The Scientific Contrast”, etc. In this post, we are going to review the album – We Made It for You. The album was released in 2005 and still remains fresh and popular among many music lovers. If you haven’t heard about this album before, you can take some time to read this review.Produced by the popular band – The Boats, this album created a lot of expectation prior to the release. That’s because the band’s earlier album was a big hit, which earned a lot of fans. “We made it for you” is an album that is a pure delight to hear right from the start to finish. No wonder why the album became one of the best in 2005. Most of the songs are features an old piano sound and dash of electronic sounds.

There are totally 14 tracks and each track is done with diligent dedication. The most enticing tracks on the album are “Darren” and Sarah Alice”. Though this album does not have vocal focus, the tracks never fail to evoke the special feelings. Though all the tracks have piano music in the centre and some repetitive music, the tracks are set in different themes and comes in different flavours, thus making the whole album great to listen.

Unlike the band’s earlier album, you do not find lengthy tracks that last more than 6 minutes. Most tracks have a length of less than three minutes while on track lasts around 5 minutes. Though years many years have passed since the release, the album sounds new and fresh. “We made it for you” is certainly one of the albums that can be popular for many years to come.

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What You Should Know About the Remote Viewer

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UK has become a birthplace for many music creators and music bands. Every year, so many wonderful tracks are being released in UK and pamper lot of music lovers. In most case, a music band has 4 to 5 members, each taking care of different areas such as vocal, rhythms, base, etc. Of late, Moteer band has attracted a lot of people. It is not just because, this band has been producing so many wonderful music and albums, but due to their members. If you look into the biography of the Moteer band, you will see the name The Remote Viewer” under the column members.

The name “Remote Viewer” has created a lot of curiosity among the people. Some people think that this name refers to a single person, while some people claim that it refers to all the people in the band. Through some research on the Internet, it has been found that the name refers to the two persons – Craig Tattersall and Andrew Johnson. According to the information provided on the band’s social media page, the Craig is general manager of the band, while Andrew Johnson is the booking agent. Both have released many albums through Moteer label. While the photos of Craig is found on the Internet, the clear photo of Craig is not clearly seen. In most cases, Andrew hides his face with some object. That’s may be due to he would not like to reveal his identity to the public.

Through various interviews, it has come to know that both Craig and Andrew are working together since 1991. In most interviews, Craig represents the remote viewer and Andrew never speaks to the press. It is not sure when they started the label, but the label’s first notable release was “Songs by the Sea” album that came out in the year 2004.Today, Moteer label has so many albums under their name and going strong in the market. It is no doubt that The Remote Viewer (Craig and Andrew) doing an excellent job in bringing out good music.

Top 5 Albums of Moteer Label

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Out of so many record labels, Moteer has got a distinct place in the music market and the heart of music lover. Started in early 2000’s, the label has released so many wonderful albums from different artists. In this post, you will find the top 5 albums released by Moteer. Well, this list is not an ultimate list and just the opinion of the blog owner and the list may vary with the different person. Now let us look into the top 5.

Clickits album, touted as Moteer label’s first release, was really astounding till now. Released in the year 2003, this album became so popular quickly. This album has 7 tracks and all of them an absolute bliss to hear. The songs are set in a playful mood, and yet they are melancholy that takes you to a new level. One must never miss to listen to the abstract theme and down tempo in these tracks.
Tomorrow Time album could be a surprise for many people. This album did not fare well when it was released then as people started criticising the titles that looked so odd at that time. While many reviewers simply focused on the titles, they missed observing the brilliance of the songs. It is no denial that titles were odd, but this does not cover the fact that songs are really brilliant. Of late, many people are praising this album and this album has been selling decently well in recent years. If you haven’t heard this album, then don’t miss it now.

Lady Grey by Minimum Chips was released in the year 2006, and it is considered one of the good albums of the year. This album comes under the genre of rock and electronic. This album includes songs of different styles namely post-rock, downtempo, Indie rock and acoustic. There are totally 12 tracks on this album, and they are absolutely a delight to hear.
The other two albums in the top 5 include Express Gifts by Clickits and Palestine by Tokyo Blood warm. Hope, you would have enjoyed the list.

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Express Gifts by Clickits – Album Review

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Many record labels have hit the market since past decades. While some records effectively survived and flourished in the competition, some labels gone away without any traces. There are some labels that got deviated from their initial identity to sustain the market. In this scenario, Moteer label has garnered not only the attention of people, but also the respect due to their releases. As of now, Moteer label has released many albums since 2003. All the albums and their songs have a unique aura that can be experienced through listening. It is quite hard to talk or review all of their albums and songs in a single post. You can simply read the post further to read the review about Express Gifts album.

Express Gifts album by the artiste Clickits was released in the year 2005. This album has totally ten tracks that include Aramaic, Wheneveryouready, Lilophone, Natural Theatre, Then Dof, In My Field Of View, Lament For the North, Brttle, For Sure, I’ll Be Buried At Sea and Was Until Today. There are so many specialties that make this album a splendid one. Some of the highlights to mention here are a melancholic mood, faraway strings and guitar melodies. The album comes under the electronic genre, and their styles can be categorized under IDM and Leftfield. Another highlighting feature of this album is that they are recorded using hi-fi speakers and designed to offer a contemporary listening experience. The authors most favourite tracks of this album are Aramaic, a lament for the north and In my field of view.

This album is great for anyone, who wants to listen to some blissful music. However, it does not mean that this track is not good to listen for those who enjoy rock music or other genre of music. This album has the power to take anyone to the state of bliss and trance.
You can also check for other albums by Clickits and by Moteer record label. You can browse the Internet to find the other labels. There are so many online music archives and logs, where you could find the tracks of Moteer record label. Make sure to listen to genuine copy and avoid using the pirated ones.