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What Should You Know About Moteer?

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UK is one of the continents that is known for many special things. Also to having so many tourist spots, traditional buildings, music is one of the niches that UK is renowned for. As of now, there are so many musicians, bands and record labels contributing various music to the people in UK and all over the world. If you are a music lover in UK, then you would know something about Moteer, which is a music record label that has so many albums under its belt. If you want to know some basic information about Moteer, you can simply continue to read this post further.

Most people are very confused whether Moteer is a music band or record label. As far as the information gathered, Moteer is a band whose prominent member is “The remote viewer”. According to the information provided on the social media website, their music genre is moteerish, and they sell their music under the record label “Moteer Records”. The general manager of the Moteer band is Craig Tattersall, and the booking agent is Andrew Johnson. The hometown of Moteer band is Haslingden, and their current location varies depending on their tour and schedules. The band is specialized in creating electronic music, and they have performed and released various tracks.

Many local newspapers and magazines have covered and carried news and information about Moteer. There are many albums that are associated with Moteer Records, and some of the notable are “minimum chips”, “Theodore and Hambin. You can also find all their tracks and music singles on many of the websites. Their electronic music has never failed to garner the attention of the people whenever and wherever they performed. If you like to know more about Moteer and Moteer records, do not hesitate to browse the Internet. You could find their details about websites and email ids on their social media websites and other resources.

What You Should Know About the Remote Viewer

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UK has become a birthplace for many music creators and music bands. Every year, so many wonderful tracks are being released in UK and pamper lot of music lovers. In most case, a music band has 4 to 5 members, each taking care of different areas such as vocal, rhythms, base, etc. Of late, Moteer band has attracted a lot of people. It is not just because, this band has been producing so many wonderful music and albums, but due to their members. If you look into the biography of the Moteer band, you will see the name The Remote Viewer” under the column members.

The name “Remote Viewer” has created a lot of curiosity among the people. Some people think that this name refers to a single person, while some people claim that it refers to all the people in the band. Through some research on the Internet, it has been found that the name refers to the two persons – Craig Tattersall and Andrew Johnson. According to the information provided on the band’s social media page, the Craig is general manager of the band, while Andrew Johnson is the booking agent. Both have released many albums through Moteer label. While the photos of Craig is found on the Internet, the clear photo of Craig is not clearly seen. In most cases, Andrew hides his face with some object. That’s may be due to he would not like to reveal his identity to the public.

Through various interviews, it has come to know that both Craig and Andrew are working together since 1991. In most interviews, Craig represents the remote viewer and Andrew never speaks to the press. It is not sure when they started the label, but the label’s first notable release was “Songs by the Sea” album that came out in the year 2004.Today, Moteer label has so many albums under their name and going strong in the market. It is no doubt that The Remote Viewer (Craig and Andrew) doing an excellent job in bringing out good music.