Tips for Preparing for an Audition

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Auditioning for a role is not easy. You have to go through a lot before you are accepted to do the part. Even big stars have to do auditions. This is where everything starts. If you can’t convince anyone during the audition, your journey ends there. It is like applying for a job. If you didn’t do well, you don’t stand a chance.

The worst part is that some auditions have several rounds. Judges have to be sure about their decision. They might call you back to perform again. This could be emotionally and physically draining. In as much as you want to get it over and done with, you can’t. You will undergo a really difficult process especially if there is something big at stake.

This is true, especially for stage plays. There are different roles available and only the best of the best will be cast. There are not enough roles for everyone to play. Aside from the musical aspect, the looks will also be considered. There are those who have great voices but are deemed inappropriate for the role in terms of physical appearance. They should have been given the part, but it didn’t end up the way it was supposed to.

There are also those who became somewhat lucky. They failed to get the lead role, but they were cast for other roles. For artists who want to make a name in the industry, being cast alone is already a big deal. If you are auditioning, here are some tips you need to bear in mind.

1. Practice ahead of time.

It is like preparing for the exam. You don’t just study the lessons a day before the exam. You have to practice in advance. Make sure your voice is in great shape. Not all great singers were born. Some trained over time and with the right training, they became prepared to take on the role.

2. Sleep well and eat healthily.

Voice is always affected by what we eat and how much time we spend sleeping. This is why it is very important that you sleep on time before the auditions. You have to adjust your body clock.

3. Look great.

Whether you like it or not, physical appearance matters. There are a lot of great singers who didn’t prepare well in terms of what they wear. As a result, they ended up not getting the part. They would have been a perfect fit for the role, but they ended up getting rejected. It is such a sad story, but it happened to several singers in the past.

4. Prepare a variety of songs.

There are auditions where you may be required to sing songs from the list given. Others give just one song for you to master and present during the audition. It doesn’t mean though you can’t prepare other songs. It helps that you have backup songs in mind. You might be asked to sing a different song if the judges couldn’t make a decision just yet. If you are auditioning for a play, make sure you know other songs from the play. You may also check the best audition songs for altos if you have this tone.

5. Calm your nerves.

When you are nervous and your entire body is shaking, this could really affect your performance. No matter how gifted you are, it won’t matter as soon as your nerves get the best of you. Find a way to relax. Some people think of their happy place when they are nervous. Others look forward to positive results. It is ultimately up to you to determine what to do in order to prevent yourself from shaking, including your voice.

Once you are done preparing, just forget about the audition and do your best when it is your time to perform. Avoid overthinking as it could negatively affect your performance. The moment you stand in front of the judges, give everything that you have. Stop thinking about the song and just feel the moment. Most of all, don’t forget to say thank you regardless of the results. Attitude always matters.

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