Top 5 Ways to Increase your Musical Creativity

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Top 5 Ways to Increase your Musical CreativityFinding ways to improve your musical creativity is necessary for improving as a musician. If you always practice the same way you will always get the same results. As musicians we need to find ways to make sure that we are constantly challenging ourselves so that we do not become stuck in a rut. Think of it as creative conditioning. Creative conditioning will ensure that we are practicing and playing to our abilities. Here are 5 ways to increase your musical creativity

1. Learn a new instrument.

Learning a new instrument is a great way to improve your abilities on the instrument you already play! Reading the music, hearing the notes, producing them yourself, and creating sound, on new instruments fosters a relationship with music in general, and not just on one instrument. Many musicians play one instrument in particular, but can still make music on the one you want to play. Singing too. IF you’re a singer, learn to play something. If you’re not a great singer, learn how to carry a tune and find and hold notes. The more you dabble in music the more it will all gel together for you, particular with the instrument you are passionate about.

2. Jam with musicians who’s style is different than your own.

If you only play what you know and like to play you will never learn other styles of music. If you’re in a heavy metal band listen and play jazz music, country music, reggae. Even if you prefer jazz music take your saxophone to the garage band party next door sometime. It’s a beautiful combination. Play with instruments you don’t usually accompany. Ask around, most musicians love to play with, teach, and jam with other musicians. Everybody’s talents are developed. Don’t you want to say yes when another band asks you fill with them at a show? Don’t limit yourself to a certain style of music. The music scene is vast and varied and you have the opportunity to play with everyone!

3. Create a musical space.

Have a space in your home that is devoted playing, practicing, and writing. It can be distracting to play when there are dirty dishes piled up beside you. Create a space that is comfortable, musical, and inspirational to you. Get creative and put your head in a space that makes you feel musical. Plants, posters, vintage records, bright colors, and room to play all create good energy. Make sure it is a space where your instruments are stored safely and taken care of. Create a musical space that respects your music.

4. Develop a skill that is unrelated to music.

Do you enjoy jogging, painting, writing? Anything else that interests you you should also do on a regular basis. Hobbies and skills are good for challenging our minds So even though taking up gardening might seem completely unrelated to playing music, anything that we enjoy learning increases our mental ability overall and will influence your music playing ability.

5. Take care of yourself.

Self care is necessary for self improvement. Eating well, exercising, and sleeping right are all obvious methods to perverse one’s health, but musicians need to do more. While practicing or performing a musician uses their body and lung capacity to the same extent athletes do. Taking care of one’s body is really important. Breathing techniques, yoga and meditation, stretching are all good habits to get into for a musician to keep their body and lungs in healthy form for playing. Massage is perfect for increasing circulation, particularly in a musician who has been holding the same pose for hours a day. Besides, any one of the top 10 massage chairs in today’s market are comfortable enough to serve as your “thinking chair”. There are acupuncture techniques that improve memory and focusing. Musicians should not underestimate the importance of being healthy and their ability to play music.

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